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The games you play, the mobile phone you use to send text messages, the website where you do your online shopping. Technology is all around us, and is an important part of our lives. Too important to just leave it to technologists.
In Psychology & Technology you learn how technology influences people, and how you can use knowledge of psychology to let people use technology as effectively as possible. But you also learn how you can use psychology to design completely new technology applications such as motivational rehabilitation technology in healthcare, sociable robots or brain‑computer interfaces.

Teaching staff and students of the Psychology & Technology program deal with a wide range of different subjects, all of which focus on the relationship between people and technology. For example:

  • Robots that help in the household
  • Intimate technology for showing affection at a distance
  • Online auctions you can trust
  • Lighting that makes you healthier and smarter
  • Avatars that help you save energy
  • Intelligent street lighting
  • Persuasive technology, or how can your mobile phone help you to lose weight? And how can your shower make you use less water?

The Bachelor’s program in Eindhoven gives you a broad basis over three years, in which the practical aspects are a constant and strong element. You work together with fellow students on a number of Design-Based Learning (OGO) projects.

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