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Master's programme in Theology- The modern world is characterized by rapidly growing innovation in the economy and technology. These developments contribute to economic growth and prosperity, but it also requires people who can give meaning and meaningful direction. Theologians are those people who are trained in systematic reflection of the main issues and ideas, distinguished in science, culture and faith. They can contribute to the dialogue between faith and knowledge.

The main focus of the three-year Master of Radboud University is how the Christian faith addresses issues in society and what the relevance of Christian beliefs and doctrines is. It is a contribution to the public welfare through the use of insight and the compassionate values of Christianity.
Graduates in the Master's program in Theology Radboud you can occupy different positions in dioceses, religious congregations, universities and colleges. More and more institutions require skills in communication and theological hermeneutics.

Specializations of the master's program in Theology:

Theology (fundamental theology): Provides the importance of key issues and ideas, thus contributing to the welfare of society.
Possible careers: teacher, priesthood, religious leaders or researchers.

Literary Theology: The following specialization provides knowledge of the meaning of various passages from the Old and New Testaments.
Possible careers: Researcher, lecturer, spiritual leader, journalist

Church History: Analyze the historical development of the Christian tradition and discipline to a better understanding of the Christian faith in modern society
Possible careers: Researcher, lecturer, spiritual leader, journalist, librarian, archivist, museum curators.

Practical Theology: Searching for traces of meaning in everyday practices, looking beyond the religious sphere of religion.
Possible careers: Researcher, lecturer, spiritual leader

Systematic Theology: It is based on humane values and insights of the Christian faith in order to contribute to the welfare of society.
Possible careers: Researcher, lecturer, spiritual leader

Why to choose Master Program in Theology and the specializations of it?

- The program is not directed only to Europe but also enables global development;
- The training is conducted in a stimulating and friendly environment in small groups, providing the opportunity for questions and discussions.
- The third year of training is aimed at training students for a profession. Students can choose their research training, religion and politics or spiritual leadership.

Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands

Duration: 3 years

Specialization: Theology (basic theology) Literary Theology, Church History, Practical Theology, Systematic Theology

Basic subjects:
- Church History: Church History, History of theology, canon law

- Practical Theology: Pastoral Theology, missionary, religious studies, intercultural theology.

Start Month: September / February

Application requirements:

  •  Copy of ID card;
  •  Bachelor's degree of Theology program or in related fields( translated Diploma in native language and in English);
  • Specialization "Basic Theology" and "Literary Theology" is perfectly appropriate to speak Hebrew and Greek.
  •  Proof of proficiency in English:
  •  IELTS certificate with a minimum of 6 points; TOEFL Internet version at least 80; TOEFL computer version 213; Camridge Advanced.
  •  A doctor's certificate of good health;
  •  Formalize the application procedure in OSIRIS

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