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The Master program of Midwifery gives you the chance to gain internationally accepted and accredited additional skills. These will qualify you for leadership positions in midwifery research, education and practice. Strenghten your personal professional competencies and undertake further study in such areas as clinical research, modern management methods and recent teaching and learning strategies.

You have chosen a wonderful profession: midwifery. It is a well-considered choice. You could also say it is a choice for life, because day after day you commit yourself to serving mother, child and society, and welcoming new life into the world.

Perhaps you are ready to take a new step. Perhaps you are looking to advance your knowledge, strengthen your competencies, play another role in the care of mother and child, determine policies, conduct research or stand at the cradle of important innovation taking place in your field. Whatever your motivation is, the European Master of Science in Midwifery could mean the start of a new life for you:

- as an innovator;

- policymaker;

- international networker;

- medical professional;

- researcher.

Midwifery Master

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