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What are the MYTHS about studying in Holland?


Myths about the education in the Netherlands


What are the most common myths about the education in the Netherlands?

The education in the Netherlands is quite expensive and it is available for a small number of Bulgarian students.
That is not the case, simply because the tuition fee is 2083 euro/year and there are the payment options such as installments or applying for student loans. Furthermore, the living cost are nearly the same as the one in another country part of the European Union.

In order to study or live in the Netherlands I must speak Dutch.
You can choose a study program from the rich portfolio on our website. No, you do not need a Dutch language to live or study in the Netherlands, simply because all Dutch people speak fluently English.

The application process is very complicated.
In order to apply for a Dutch university, you need to do the following: you need to submit your application. There are no other exams needed. We from UNIFY will inform you and guide you through all the steps of the application process.

It is necessary to be an excellent student, in order to be accepted in a Dutch university
No, excellent marks in your diploma are not a must as an entry requirement for the most of the study programs. More important factor is your motivation, which leads to choose a particular study program or university.

Will I feel alone, as I become a student in the Netherlands?
Making friends is easier in the Netherlands as somewhere else in the world. Why? Because there is an international atmosphere and that is why it is not possible to feel alone.