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HAN University of Applied Sciences


HAN University of Applied Sciences offers high-quality, practice-based education to more than 30,000 students. HAN’s centres of expertise provide tailored research to companies and institutions.

Internationalisation is an important tool to improve the quality of education and research at HAN. We work closely with partner institutions on exchange programmes, international projects and international applied research. We offer degree and non-degree courses in English and every course curriculum has an international component.


HAN aims to educate students to a high standard and satisfy the demand for highly educated innovative and enterprising individuals.

The courses are set up in such a manner that HAN graduates are well positioned to be successful in their careers and to make innovative contributions to the economic and social development of the world around them. Experienced professionals in our post-graduate courses are challenged to further develop their expertise and gain new experiences. We aim to provide education of an outstanding quality that is highly practical and relevant to the field.

Core values

HAN University of Applied Sciences holds paramount its responsibility to contribute to the development of society. As such, HAN is strongly committed to promoting and sharing knowledge and skills, and to making these available to a wider audience.

HAN achieves this by:

  • Providing superior quality education while adhering to a code of conscientious and responsible professional practice
  • Striving towards sustainability in all that we undertake
  • Ensuring that our employees act with personal integrity and social responsibility
  • Embodying our core values of involvement, responsibility, ownership and professional identity
  • Working on the basis of honesty, trust, and clear, concise agreements

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